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The Board of Commissioners denied a request to purchase Zencity software that tracks social media interactions

The Board of Commissioners denied a request to purchase Zencity software that tracks social media interactions.


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Etowah Village: Avalon or Asian Village Atlanta?

The proposed Etowah Village project is back on the table.  A new rezoning application was submitted on August 8th - less than a month after the withdrawal of the previous application. A copy of the withdrawal request and the amended application can be viewed here (see pages 12-32).
So what's the plan for Etowah village? 
While Etowah Village is often compared to Avalon in Alpharetta, Dawson Village Partner's President, Yong Pan, is known for his attempt to develop Asian Village Atlanta in Gwinnett County.  A rezoning  application submitted in 2006 reveals similarities to the proposed Etowah Village application submitted to Dawson County earlier this year. Both proposals included Chinese Gardens, a Chinese Cultural Center, museums and a Preforming Arts Center.
According to the new application submitted to Dawson County last month, the Chinese Garden and Cultural center have been removed.  However, their commitment to leave the Chinese Cultural Center and Garden out of the plan…

Rezoning Application for 140 Townhomes goes to Planning Commission October 15th

Ridgeline Land Planning submitted a request to rezone 25 acres from C-HB (Commercial Highway Business) to RMF (Residential Multifamily) and C-HB (Commercial Highway Business).  There are 2 parcels involved. According to the rezoning application (ZA 19-16), the smaller parcel that touches Highway 53 will remain commercial with a change in boundaries. The proposal for the larger parcel includes 140 Townhomes and amenities.
What is the density?
5.98 Residential Units per Acre
Is the proposal in conformance with the Future Land Use Plan (FLUP)?
No, rezoning the larger parcel from Commercial Highway Business to Residential Multifamily is not in conformance with the FLUP.  The future land use designation for both parcels is Commercial Highway Business. 
Dawson County ordinances require conformance with the Future Land Use Plan. In other words, the Board of Commissioners have a mandate to rezone only if the proposed change in land designation matches the future land use designation set forth …

Board of Commissioners to vote on rezoning applications with a total of 722 new homes proposed

Lumpkin Campground Road North and Highway 53 East / ZA 19-16

Zoning Request:  Rezone property from Commercial Highway Business to Residential Multi-Family

Proposal: 140 Townhomes

Size: 25.36 acres

Density: 5.98 units/acre

Planning Commission's Recommendation: Approval with the following stipulations:

1. The main entrance to the North and align with commercial business entrance to allow for a plus intersection.
2. Final recommendations following traffic study.
3. Developer shall address ZA 10-08 stipulation #5 and dedicate 20' of additional Right of Way for future expansion.
4. Project shall meet current Dawson County Stormwater requirements during construction design phase.

Dawson Forest Road West (beside Riley Place) / ZA 19-19

Zoning Request:  Update zoning stipulations from 2007

Proposal:  105 Single Family Homes
                   117 Townhomes
                   3 Baseball Fields

Size: 98 acres

Density: 2.26 units/acre

Planning Commission's Recommendation: Denial

Hwy 400 North to…