Board of Commissioners to vote on 140 townhomes today at 6:00pm

Ridgeline Land Planning submitted a request to rezone 25 acres from C-HB (Commercial Highway Business) to RMF (Residential Multifamily) and C-HB (Commercial Highway Business).  There are 2 parcels involved. According to the rezoning application (ZA 19-16), the smaller parcel that touches Highway 53 will remain commercial with a change in boundaries. The proposal for the larger parcel includes 140 Townhomes and amenities.

What is the density?

5.98 Residential Units per Acre

Is the proposal in conformance with the Future Land Use Plan (FLUP)?

No, rezoning the larger parcel from Commercial Highway Business to Residential Multifamily is not in conformance with the FLUP.  The future land use designation for both parcels is Commercial Highway Business. 

Dawson County ordinances require conformance with the Future Land Use Plan. In other words, the Board of Commissioners have a mandate to rezone only if the proposed change in land designation matches the future land use designation set forth in the Future Land Use Plan.  Despite the ordinance, the Future Land Use Plan has been used more like a guide than a mandate. In fact, a request to rezone a parcel adjacent to the subject property was approved in April of this year for 80 Apartments. The future land use designation on the FLUP was Commercial Highway Business. However, the Board went against the FLUP and approved the change to Residential Multifamily.

The meeting will be held today at 6:00pm at the Dawson County Government Center, Assembly Room 2303, 25 Justice Way, Dawsonville, Georgia.